ELIMINATE Chocolate Milk

Alright guys time to throw your trash away.Glug,Glug,Glug that’s the soundyou hear when you’re drinking chocolate milk 


Aren’t you tired of the same old milk? Then why don’t we keep the smooth chocolaty taste of are same old chocolate milk? i think we should keep chocolate milk for several reasons. For starters chocoalate milk is a lot healthier than you think. . why its healthy is that it has the 9 essential nutrients . so kids get healthier drinking it . so the more 

chocolate milk essay,By:Antonio Brunetti

Imagine drinking the same carton of milk everyday.As more and more bad things add up.Ithink schools should not serve chocolate milk because it contains alot of sugar.It also can lead to health problems.Also there are other ways to getting the vitimans and nutrients kids need than drinking chocolate milk.

First,chocolate milk contains alot of sugar.For example, in the article”chocolate milk more harmful than healthful”it states “one tiny carton of chocolate milk contains 30 grams of sugar.”Another example of this is when you drink a can of coca-cola.This proves that chocolate milk contains alot of sugar .

Second,chocolate milk can lead to health problems.For example,in the article “sugary drinks unhealthy but cows milk too?it states “Rip Esselstyn a triathlete and author of a dietary cook book says that not only can simple sugars lead to obesity it can also lead to other health problems such as diabetes.” Another example of this is when any sugars are left in the body it converts in to fat.In other words chocolate milk is not that healthy.

Third,there are other ways to getting the vitimans and nutrients kids need than drinking chocolate milk.For example,in the article”sugary drinks unhealthy but cows milk too?”it states”anti milk supporters say kids can get calcium and nutrients from plenty other foods.”It also states that “kids can eat leafy vegtables,nuts,oranges,kidney beans,lima beans and plenty more.In other words there is more than one way.

It’s easy to think that chocolate milk is good but when you look at the facts it’s not.That’s why schools should not serve it.Now take chocolate milk off the menu.

Charif Xussen

Imagine if  the sugar flow through your blood and your heath.What really people need

chocolate milk for it has 30 grams of sugar.I think we should not have chocolate milk.

I think  we should not serve chocolate milk becouse chocolate milk  has 30 grams of sugar

thats more than coca cola.Coca cola haves twety five grams of sugar.Kids drink chocolate

and strawberry milk and it catin two grams of sugar.And there evidences “when kids drtink chocolate and strawberry milk every day at school, they’re getting nearly two gallons

of extra sugar.”

No no no For Chocolate Milk By Jennifer Perez

Imagine drinking chocolate milk everyday also imagine all the sugar it has . I believe that we should not have chocolate milk at our school and i have three reasons why .

    My first reason we should not have chocolate milk is because chocolate milk has to much sugar because in the article it states “flavored milk can contain at least 30 grams of sugar .Chocolate milk is like soda in disguise .

    My second reason we should not have chocolate milk at our school is because not all students like chocolate .Not every one likes the same flavor like strawberry milk or white milk .But at least everyone likes juice .

    My Third reason we should not have chocolate milk it’s because if we drink to much chocolate milk we might get cavities in out teeth  and really cavities are not that good for your teeth .it’s bad because we will be going to school everyday and we will be drinking chocolate milk everyday at lunch time .

    In conclusion, I am stating three reasons why we should no be served chocolate milk .





DONT GIVE OUT MILK!!!!!!!!!! King shelton

How would you fell if you would see how much suger that in chocolate milk.I know that you are who ever say that chocolate milk is good and it have nutrition.Yea but the milk have 20% more suger in milk then pop.Now im not saying that the best thing to drink is the white milk but it your choice. the boss maurice shelton know what good and what what bad. that milk is just bad and that is how we get cavity and that is the nasty stuff.


Why We Should Drink Chocolate Milk By Phoenix Evans From Michigan

You basically can’t argue that at least once in your life you have had a glass of chocolate milk. Every one has had a glass and liked it. But is it healthy? YES! Of course it is.

I believe that schools should serve chocolate milk, because it is low in sugar, its good for your health, and kids love the taste!

One reason I think we should drink chocolate milk is because is that it has little added sugar. For example MS. Dobbins states, “That means there is only about , 3 1/2 teaspoons of added sugar.”-Nutrition in Disguise

Another reason why is that its good for your health.