Schools should NOT have chocolate milk!!!!

Ouch!!! Imagine your kid screaming and crying because they had to get shots for having diabetes.

Schools should not have chocolate milk for several reasons.

  1. The milk has to much sugar in it.Chocolate milk can have more sugar then a can of soda.Although the cows milk all ready has sugar in it,but when they make chocolate milk they add 3O more grams of more sugar to it!!!!
  2. All flavored milk can give health problems such as high cholesterol.Milk can have along term affect on health.It can lead to obesity!!!And can give you diabetes.To end off it can lead off to to much serious causes like diseases and bad enough it can all so lead to cancer.
  3. We shouldnt drink cow milk at all.If we decide to drink any type of milk it should be milk like [low fat milk,almond milk,rice milk or even soy milk] .These are the types of milk we should be drinking.To end cow milk it supposed to be used for calves not for others to be drinking.Lots of animals live off of cow milk,but if us humans keep drinking it all there wont be any more left.Think about it if regular white milk all ready has a bunch of sugar in it then they add 3O more grams of sugar into flavored milk.You might not be able to taste the sugar in the regular milk its their.


There for schools should not have chocolate milk nor regular milk.Its unhealthy.


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