Chocolate Milk By: Jael Carbajal

Dear Mr.G,

Imagine the delisious taste of the chocolate milk in your mouth. Delisious right? Now imagine gaining 5 extra pounds in a year. Not so good now is it? Schools should stop serving chocolate milk for many reasons, but these are just a few.

First of all, chocolate milk has 30g of sugar. That’s more than a can of soda! Evidence shows “chocolate milk is filled with fat, sugar, and calories.” Fat, sugar, and calories are not very heaalthy. Would we want that junk in our body? I don’t think so.

Next, if schools got rid of chocolate milk, students would choose white milk, because they don’t have a choice. People don’t be fooled!  The text says “chocolate milk has 9 nutrients, but even more bad stuff.” even the Got Milk corporation says “chocolate milk has 31 more calories than white milk.” Chocolate milk is not something that should be in schools, it’s more of a snack for home.

Finally, students can gain weight by drinking chocolate milk. Acording to the text, “chocolate milk is unhealthy.” You can gain up to 5 extra pounds in a year. Some kids drink 2-4 cartons of milk in a day.  In ten years they can gain 50 pounds! We don’t need extra pounds. You have to wonder if chocloate milk is the reason for obesity in America.

Mr.G we need to start caring about our health.Think of all the negative causes that chocolate milk can do! So, cancel that chocolate milk order right now

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