Chocolate Milk by Miriam Morales Chicago

Dear Mr.G

smooth and creamy that everybody will enjoy, ”mmm” so tasty. others may say that we shouldn’t serve chocolate milk in schools ,because they say it’s bad for you because it has to much sugar ,but I argue that chocolate milk is healthy for you ,because it’s part of your diet.

First reason, kids love chocolate milk and how it’s so delicious. Also children will choose chocolate milk over white milk. It states, ”Best of all, because they loved the taste, some kids drink more milk when it’s flavored.

Then, chocolate milk is good for us and it gives us nutritions. Another chocolate milk is part of our diet, and it helps us for our body. the text says, ”In the informerical, Ms. Dobbins for diary association and a mom, brings along three young friends to help her demonstrate that chocolate milk is a healthy part of a younger persons diet.”

Last reason, chocolate milk has an attraction to kids about the flavored and color. Also chocolate is creamy smooth that kids enjoy flavored. The text says, ”You’ll have to admit the creamy, smooth, chocolate taste is truly delicious.”

in conclusion, some people may say chocolate milk is bad for you however i think chocolate milk is healthy for you it has nutrients and it is part of your diet.

sincerly, Miriam Morales

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