Dear Mr.G,

     Imagine you a teacher at STRIVE Prep.Once class starts you see all your students energetic,healthy,happy,and confident.Right after lunch you satrt to wonder what happened to them.Well, there’s one answer to that question:they drank chocolate milk that is why after lunch tey are always so hyper.Anyway when class starts everyone is joyous and full of nutrients like a car they need some fuel to start running.I think schools should serve chocolate milk, for it is healthy and nutritios that will make kids delightedd and ready for the rest of the day!

   First in mind,chocolate milk is healthy for a human being to drink.For example,Ms.Dobbins(a nutritionist)says that chocolate milk i healthy that it contains 9 essential nutrients that it will make have a better diet quality!In the aricle-Nutrition in Disguise-it sates,”the fact is,that chocolate,and other flavored milkhave the same 9 essential nutrients as white milk,”This explains that flavored milk  isn”t as bad as evberyone thinks.

     Second of all,chocolate milk has 3 servings while containing less sugar than cola or coke.In Addding Chocolate to Milk Doesn’t Take Away Its 9 Essential Nutrients 

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