chocolate milk essay by Vanessa

             Dear Mr.G,

 Hmmmmm. I think as I’m walking down the lunch line. Should I pick white milk of chocolate milk? Chocolate milk sounds healthy and delicious. I think schools shouldn’t ban chocolate milk, because it’s a healthy part of children lives and makes kids happy.

      First, even though chocolate milk has added sugar it still has nine essential nutrients. According to the text, Nutrition in Disguise, it states , “The fact is chocolate mild has the same nine essential nutrients as white milk.” For example a who drinks chocolate milk will have a healthy growth just like a boy who drinks white milk. This shows me that even if I drink chocolate milk I will still have a healthy growth development as other kids that drink white milk.

      Second, chocolate milk is more appealing than regular milk. Mrs.Rally, a local lunch server states, “We serve six cartons of chocolate milk, for each one of a white milk at lunch.” This is important to know because banning chocolate milk kids will go from drinking chocolate milk everyday to not drinking any at all. This show me that if this happens the health of children will go down, and America will have another epidemic to add to their list.

                 Lastly, even though chocolate mild has added sugar, compared to other drinks chocolate milk is a lot healthier , and it has less sugar. According to Ms.Dobbins, a nutritiousness got the Dairy Association states,” Chocolate milk has lower sugar than a cola or other sports drinks.” To add on in my opinion I would rather drink a healthy tasty drink rather than to  drink a sugar loaded sugar sports drink or soda.

         In conclusion, I think you should not ban chocolate milk because it is healthy and delicious. Some people might disagree saying that children receive to much sugar, drinking chocolate milk, but kids drink other sugar beverages that are worse. These sugared drinks make chocolate milk a healthy alternative.  



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