white milk or Chocolate milk Irvin

Imagine having white milk instead of chocolate.I think we should keep white milk because chocolate milk has 25 grams, i hate chocolate milk and chocolate milk has alot of sugar and calories.

To begin, The chocolate milk has 25 grams.” ms.Dobbie thinks that chocolate milk is good for kids so they can drink 6 or 7 cartons of milk each day.”I think chocolate milk is bad for u.

Second,chocolate milk has alot of sugar and calories.It has 25 grams and its really bad for you.It can make your sugar high or low.

Third, white milk has less grams and calories.white could make u healthy. It can makes you stronger.

Conclusion,imagine having the white milk instead of the chocolate milk it will make us healthier.I challenge you to try and leave the white milk and take away the chocolate milk.

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