The Quest to Defeat the Chocolate Milk Army by Rigoberto Manriquez

Dear Gringo,

Imgiane a sugary flavered drink that is unhealthy. Guess what, kids all over the country are drinking this so called “chocolate milk” and getting in their young bodies mostly every week. And I’m trying to stop that!

First reason in business, is that chocolate milk shouldn’t be a beverage because it has more sugar than soda.To clarify,it states “Chocolate milk has 30% of sugar and a half can of soda has 7.5% of sugar.”-Harmful than Heathful.

Another reason chocolate milk shouldn’t be a beverage of content is that we need a different beverage instead of milk.The cafeteria should also have the chocolate milk become juice, Sunny D, and WATER!!! If I/you do the math, plain milk amnd other dairy products have the same sugar as chocolate milk.

Finally, thats why sugary bevorage shouldn’t be a school drink, is that rotten teeth. And you don’t want rotten teeth, so lets get rid of chocolate milk.

Surely if this didn’t convinse you then what can.


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