STOP The Sugar Now!! by Verenice Rodriguez-Galvan

        Sugar is delicious, but it can do a lot of harm to your body. If you drink chocolate milk at school almost everyday tell you what. STOP!!Before it’s too late. Start drinking regular milk instead because it is less harmful in many ways that chocolate milk can never do. There are several reasons why schools should not be serving chocolate milk.

Students love sugar, so they drink chocolate milk almost everyday because of its sugary taste. Sugar causes diabetes, cavities, and adds fat to your body. In the article Esselstyn states that since carbohydrates are digested quickly, extra sugar is turned to fat. The more cavities you have the quicker you will lose your teeth. Sugar also causes diabetes. When you have diabetes you have to eat a lot of VEGETABLES!!! You can’t eat a lot of certain things like bread known as doughnuts, cupcakes, cookies, and cake of course cake! Horrifying isn’t it? In the video  Sugar Overload shows how a group of people demonstrate how much kids drink each week by overfilling a school bus! That’s like drinking two cans of soda each day for the rest of the year(you’d probably have no teeth by then.) There is more sugar in flavored milk than in a soft drink. An Australian citizen states that juice might be better than flavored milk. Another woman says, “Obesities a problem.” The important thing about this is that these two persons might like chocolate milk, but they’re doing what’s best for their community.

In the article Sugary Drink Can Be Unhealthy, But is Cow’s Unhealthy, Too states that “In 2012, the New York city Board of Health approved a ban

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