Imagine you would not taste the milky-chocolate taste,with the sweet creamy flavor.So,would you want your school to aliment chocolate milk.Well i now i don’t.

 I think we should serve chocolate milk because its delicious and its healthy for you here are some reasons why.

First,it has 9 essential nutrients as white milk it has calcium,potassium, phosphorus,  protein,vitamins D,A,B12,ribovin,and niacin.which is actually good for our body’s.

Then,chocolate milk has 9 teaspoons of added sugar ”clearly sports drinks and sodas are a bad choice for kids” says Ms.Dobbins.So,in other words drinking chocolate milk is healthier for our body’s.

Finally the taste .In our lunch room , chocolate milk is the first to be gone.”Given a choice ,almost any child will choose chocolate over white .” says Ms.Dobbins. the taste is just great and delicious .

Some people might say chocolate milk has added sugar ,it is healthier than other drinks that kids like.So schools should not aliment chocolate milk because, kids love it.  

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