Should We Band Chocolate Milk:Writen By:Jennifer Mendez:CU

        Dear schools,

   Chocolate milk has resulted to be bad, some people say that chocolate milk has vitamins, yet chocolate milk has a ton of sugar. To begin, chocolate milk is having a ton of sugar one cartoon of milk has approximately 30 grams of sugar. A mini can of coca cola has less sugar than one cartoon of milk. Children are consuming  more sugar than what the body needs .Then, children  have more sugar in home’s .Children  don’t need  more sugar like sweets or chocolates and more kind’s of candy. candy can produce up to a lot of sugar in them. chocolate  milk is the same thing each kid is drinking about 2 to 3 cartoons of milk per day . you might consider packing water or juice for lunch. If you are encouraging to have chocolate milk you might want to cut the  sweets and chocolate because children are consuming 15-16 cartoons of chocolate milk per week .Finally, the sugar in chocolate can cause cavities because they are eating chocolates and chocolate milk. “some children  consume as many as or even to 10-15 cartons of chocolate milk in a wee.” that shows that this  is about  how children are consuming  more sugar per week. Now plain  milk is more nutritious and healthy because it has vitamins. Now I think banding chocolate milk is the best way schools  can help students be nutritious.

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