Should Schools Serve Chocolate Milk? By: Denice Ibarra

People say that chocolate milk has 30 grams of sugar.But does it really have 30 grams of sugar? I say we should have chocolate milk at schools for many reasons.

First,chocolate milk has nine essential nutrients as white milk.People may say that chocolate milk has no vitamins.But it does have vitamins.In the passage it states,”Flavored milk contains the same nine essential nutrients as white milk-calcium,potassium,phosphorus,protein vitamins A,D,and B12,riboflavin,and riacin,and is a helpful alternative to soft drinks”.This information is found in a article called Adding Chocolate…This proves that chocolate milk has vitamins.

Next,People say that chocolate milk has 30 grams of sugar.BUT it doesn’t have 30 grams of sugar.It’s a a fact from the nutrition facts label from the carton of chocolate milk. It has18 grams of sugar. Also in the passage, “Nutrition in Disguise” it states, “Her young friend shows that there are 39 grams of total carbohydrates.” This shows that a can of Coca-Cola has more sugar than chocolate milk.

Finally, chocolate milk tastes better. Many kids like the chocolaty taste that it has. In the passage , “Nutrition in Disguise” it states, “…the creamy ,smooth, chocolaty tastes is truly delicious.” This proves that the…


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