Should Schools Have Chococlate Mlik? By Ashley H bowdoin

Chococlate milk shouln’t be sreved at schools. here are reasons why schools shouln’t have chococlate mlik. First, is unheathy because beacuse it can make dieabetis. ( if you drick too much chococlate milk.)  Next, schools shouln’t have chococlate milk because in the text says, “corn syrup with the version containing, wich some see as a more natual sweeter.” Finally, schools shouldn’t get chococlate mlik because the text says, ” kids drink chococlate milk and stawberry milk everyday, kids are getting two gallons os suger.” In concluesion, this is why schools shouldn’t have chococlate mlik is not good for you because it can cost a dieibeds, too much suger, and it can make a disease. Are you going to drink chococlate milk?

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