Remove Chocolate Milk!!! by: Vanessa

Imagine a school where kids just go because of the chocolate milk and not to learn. Chocolate milk says things that is not true, do you dare take another sip? Schools should not have chocolate milk because it could seem delicious but is it really what it looks like?

One reason schools should not have chocolate milk is that it has too much sugar. Critics say chocolate milk has less sugar than sports drinks, but it has 20% more sugar than an actual soda. According to famous Jamie Oliver’s website it states, “when kids drink chocolate and strawberry milk every day at school, they’re getting nearly two gallons of extra sugar each year.” This is important to me because children won’t get as much sugar with plain milk.

Another reason schools should not have chocolate milk is that kids drink too much of chocolate milk. For instance kids drink chocolate milk 10-15 time in a week, so they consume it 2-3 a day! The article Chocolate Milk More Harmful Than Healthful it claimes, “baker noted that it’s an out-of-control problem!” As i say I’m realizing in a year kids drink so much they will gain 5lbs in a year and 50lbs in 10 years! In addition all sugar consume in a week is 57 tons!

Another reason schools should not have chocolate milk  because it can lead to health problems. For example, chocolate milk can lead to obesity and diabetes. Also in the article Sugar Drinks Can Be Un healthy But In Cow’s Milk Unhealthy, Too it states,”Cholesterol and saturated can lead toheart disease and cancer. ” It’s important to me because kids can live a healthyer life with plain milk. In addition plain milk helps kids create stronger bones.

Now you don’t want your child going to have a life unsuccessful, but illiminate chocolate milk and can be the best thing you will ever do. Critics argue that plain milk is not as good as chocolate milk. But plain milk is much healthyer that chocolate milk. So it’s obious to take chocolate milk off the menu

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