Remove Choclate MIlk By: Valeria Chacon

Imagine a world where all those “healthy” advertisements and commercials were all just lies. Drinking something they say is healthy but it actually it has more sugar than a can of soda! They say it has vitamins but actually all it has is sugar, sugar, and more sugar! Chocolate milk is unhealthy. I disagree that schools should serve chocolate milk.

First, schools should not serve chocolate milk because it is unhealthy for children. Children need to be healthy, don’t you think? They need to be active and alive! They need energy! They should drink water because chocolate milk has too much sugar. Chocolate milk may look healthy but its actually worse than drinking a can of soda! In the article , Chocolate Milk: More Harmful Than Helpful, it states , ” One tiny carton of chocolate milk has approximately 30 grams of sugar. That is more than a can of soda-and you wouldn’t see schools giving kids coke “.  This explains that  chocolate milk is very bad for kids.

Next, I think schools should not serve  chocolate milk because it could cause health problems. You wouldn’t want to end up in the doctor/hospital just because you drank chocolate milk. It could be very dangerous having health problems. In the article , Sugary Drinks can be Unhealthy , But is Cows Milk Unhealthy Too?, it stated, ” But in the long term , cholesterol and saturned fat can lead to heart disease or cancer”. You need to be careful because you don’t want to have heart disease or cancer right?

Finally, i think schools should not serve chocolate milk because there are other healthy things to drink. Children need to be healthy. In the article, Chocolate Milk: More Harmful Than Helpful, it states, ” According to his website, ‘ When kids drink chocolate and strawberry milk every day at school , they’re getting nearly 200 gallons of extra sugar each year “. In many schools, cafeterias serve chocolate milk. Instead they should serve water or regular milk. Maybe even a healthy orange or apple juice. They should take chocolate milk and strawberry milk away from schools so kids could be healthy.

In conclusion, some people might say that chocolate milk is healthy for you. HOWEVER,  I  think  chocolate milk is very unhealthy for your body because it could cause health problems and children need to be healthy. You don’t want your children to be unhealthy and end up in the hospital for drinking chocolate milk do you? Next time you think of drinking something healthy , I suggest water or regular milk because if you choose chocolate milk then you might as well drink a can of soda!

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