Priscila Rodriguez~ Shouldn’t be served!

Imagine,students drinking sugary drinks,that have up to 30 grams of sugar. Were students sometimes have health problems based on what they eat at schools. Well,its unfortunatly something not to imagine. Students that drink flavored milk everyday,gain up to 30-60 grams of sugar everyday. Chocolate milk shouldnt be served at schools for many reasons.

Students everyday get about 2-3 cartons of milk. Each carton of milk contains up to 30 grams of sugar. In the article, Chocolate Milk:More harmful and healthful,explains,”One tiny carton of flavored milk contains approxamitly 30 grams of sugar.” This article stronglt agree that flavored milk (Chocolate or strawberry) contains too much sugar for students at schools.Also,the article Chocolate Milk: More harmful than healthful, tells,”30 grams of sugar. That is more than a can of soda.-” Another article that agrees that chocolate milk shouldn’t be served at schools is “A small container of chocolate milk has 20% or approximatly 30% more sugar than soda.” It explains how the amount of sugar a carton of milk has it is the same has other sugary drinks. This amount of sugar can affect the students health.

Another reason,that chocolate milk shouldn’t be served at schools is because it is very horrible for a students health/diet. One reason why it is abominable for a child’s health,is because it contains too much sugar,not enough vitamins,and too much fat. An article, Chocolate Milk: More harmful than healthful,explains,”When kids drink chocolate milk    and strawberry milk everyday at school,they’re getting nearly two gallons of extra sugar each year. That’s really bad for their health.” This tells me that many people agree that flavored milk is terrifying for students at schools.  Also,the article Chocolate Milk:More harmful than healthful, explains, “Chocolate milk is soda.” This explains how harmful flavored milk is for students. Chocolate milk is also very horrible for the specific students who may have health problems.It is very horrible for all the people who drink it.

Finally,another reason why chocolate milk shouldn’t be served at schools is because it is a very bad drinking habitat.

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