Marina Ramirez Chicago

Dear .Mr.G

       “Timmy wake up” yells the annoyed teacher wishing her school could have kept chocolate milk.This would be the exact words we would hear every three minutes.We need a little bit of sugar in order to survive the harsh classes after lunch.I disagree we shouldn’t stop serving chocolate milk,for several reasons such as health,energy,and other good things that benefit us. 

    My first reason is because it helps kids grow in a positive way.It also helps kids drink more milk and get more nutrients Ms.Dobbins the nutritionist from the Dairy  associations claims “Do  not consume more added sugar,fat,and calories,and are not heavier than non-milk drinkers.”What Ms.Dobbins is trying to say is that chocolate milk doesn’t make chocolate drinkers weight more or add any sugar or fat to their bodies.She is also trying to say that kids will stay healthy drinking what they like .

     My second reason is because chocolate milk is healthy for you .It’s diet quality because kids meet their nutrient needs.Also because it helps achieve 3 daily sevings.The national dairy post states “drinking low-fat or fat-free milk-white milk or flavored milk helps kids get three daily servings.”What this quotes is saying is how the milk in any flavor or taste gives the same nutrients as white milk does to chocolate milk to kids.Also because you get protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, and along  with that you get calcium. 

      My third and final reason is because of the milks sweet yummy taste .Since kids love sweet stuff we drink more of this while getting great benefits out of drinking something we love.”You have to admit that the creamy smooth chocolaty taste is truly delicious.” What my quote is saying is how this milk has a great taste because of the chocolate flavor in the milk. Because of the milks taste like I said it helps kids achieve more healthy stuff for their body.

    In conclusion i don’t drink  much milk , but when i do chocolate milk is my first choice because of nutrients given from it.Strive prep wants the best for us right , well maybe chocolate milk is the best for us.Just think teacher all the kids have energy to participate in class and be active scholars .

  Sincerely,Marina Yamile Ramirez 

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