Dear Mr.G,

Dream about, yourself getting obesed just because of flavored milk? Says a non milk drinker. That is not true though. Flavored milk actually has the nine essential nutrients we need.

In my opinion, school districts should serve flavored milk because one,many kids rather get flavored milk,two, chocolate milk is also healthy, and three,kids love it and it is tasty.

To start with, many more kids like to drink flavored milk than white milk. In the passage, Ms.Dobbins says “Given a choice,almost any child would choose chocolate milk over white milk.” That quote explains that if you give a kid an option,most kids would choose chocolate milk.

To add to that,Chocolate milk is healthy as well. “Adding Chocolate To Milk Doesnt Take Away Its Nine Essential Nutrients”  says, “Drinking low-fat or fat-free white or flavored milk helps kids get the three daily servings” that means it helps us kids  get our three meals we need. Flavored milk also has the nine essential nutrients we need.

To end with, it is tasty and kids love it. In a text it states, you might havent tasted it but when you do,you will love it. People have only tasted it once and they have already said they loved it. So that’s a probability that you might love it as well.

In conclusion, in my opinion schools should still serve any type of milk and especially flavored milk. Others may say that flavored milk is unhealthy,but i argue and disagree with that because flavored milk is healthy and it helps you stay active because it still has everything, us kids, need.

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