Dear Natalie,

    ” Ahhhhhhh” this is what u might hear in the lunch room at strive gvr. Some schools are planning on banding chocolate milk. Some students agree and some are disagreeing. I think that we shouldn’t band chocolate milk from lunch. If u think about it chocolate milk has many good things that other drinks don’t have.

       My first reason is, chocolate milk has the same ” 9 essentials as white milk ” states Melissa Dobbins. Some parents say that she just says that so that we buy more chocolate milk, but its true. Other drinks have less to no essentials at all. you might still be saying that, that’s a lie, well its not. Next time you go to the store look at chocolate milk and another dink and see for your self.

      Others might say that other drinks are ‘ healthier ‘ the chocolate milk .I argue to that because what the don’t have that chocolate milk does have are vitamins A,C, and D which others don’t have. Besides I have heard that coke products give people cancer, and cancer is not health nor is it fun.

  Last, kids love the flavor. Even though parents say it unhealthy still, and they won’t let their kids have milk that is just like drinking chocolate, well I am going to put fact on that. Melissa Dobbins states ” chocolate milk drinkers don’t weigh more then non milk drinkers.” This proves that kids wont get over weight by drinking chocolate milk. 

      Some might say that chocolate milk is still unhealthy, but i have proved them wrong i have put their reasons to shame. Chocolate milk is healthy just like white milk. I have put the argument down and I have proved u wrong.If u still dont belive me go and see for ur self.

    Your friend, Breonna Rael

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