flaverd milk more bad than good Daniel Salinas Bowdion

Do you want bad soda for lunch.Well you already have it (flavored milk!!!!!!!!!!!).First, one reason we should not have flavored milk is that it has 20% more sugar than soda.For example, why don’t they just give us soda instead.Also, flavored milk might be tasty but full of sugar.In addetion, Oliver filled a school bus with 57 tons of sand representing  how much sugar kids drink in a week(flavored milk).Next, another reason is that if we had more chooses we would choose flavored milk.For example, if you took flavored milk off we would choose plane milk.Also, plane milk is healthier than flavored milk.In addition parents agree to not give us a variety of milk flavors to choose from.Finely, another reason is that flavored milk is practically soda.For example parents don’t want schools giving us soda but schools are giving us drest up. Also, why not just give us soda for lunch we are practically drinking it already.In addition, it should not belong in schools because we need milk not drest up soda. In conclusion , people may think that flavored milk is good for kids but it has 20% more sugar than soda and it can give you decisis. So it is obvious,take flavored milk off the lunch menu and off school property.

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