Chocolate milk—- Nyquole Chesbro , CU

                             Kids love the taste of chocolate milk becuase it provids nutrients essential for good health and kids drink more milk whan its flavored, Also kids love the taste because it has chocolate which kids seem to love and if kids love chocolate maybe if you put milk and chocolate together maybe they’d drink more  milk.

                             Flavored milk contains the same nine essential nutrients as white milk -calcium, potasssium, phosphorus, protein,  vitamins A, D, B, ribofavin and niacin- and is a healthful alternative to soft drinks, Also flavored milk contains the same nine essential  nutreints as white milk and is an healthful alternative to soft drinks.

                             Another reason schools should serve chocolate milk is that it has a  better diet quality. Children who drink flavored milk meet more of there nutrients needs; do not consumme more added suger or total fat: and are not heavier  than non-milk drinkers, Also one cup of chocolate milk contains more protein than a large egg.

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