Chocolate Milk: Michia Martin

Have you ever thought about how much sugar contains in chocolate milk? Well, I think chocolate milk should not be served in schools because it contains a lot of sugar. For example; chocolate milk has 20% sugar more than soda.

One reason shcools should not serve chocolate milk is because, it is unhealthy and too sugary. According to the text, ” When kids drink chocolate and strawberry milk everyday at school, they’re getting nearly two gallons of extra sugar each year. Thats really bad for their health.” 

Another reason schools should stop serving chocolate milk is because, kids are drinking too much of it. According to the text, ” Some children consume as much as ten or even fifteen cartons of chocolate milk in a week at school.” Some people may think that chocolate milk isn’t that sugary. BUT, chocolate milk has approximently 30 grams more than a sugary sportsdrink.

In conclusion, thats why schools should not serve chocolate or even strawberry milk in schools.


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