Chocolate milk is it good or is it bad?

Dear Mr.G,

  Imagine you’re a teacher at STRIVE prep.Once class starts you see all your students energetic,happy,healthy,and confident.Right after lunch you wonder what happened to them.Well there’s one answer to that question:tehy all drank chocolate milk.While the class starts the whole class is joyful and full of nutrients.I think schools should serve chocolate milk,for it is healthy and nutritios that will make everyone delighted while being healthy.

         First in mind,chocolate milk is healthy for a human being to drink.For example,a nutritionist(Ms.Dobbins)says that chocolate milk that chocolate milk is healthy that ti contains 9 essential nutrients that will make you have a better diet quality!In the aricle -Nutrition in Disguise-it states “the fact is,that chocolate and other flavored milk haver the same 9 essential nutrients as white milk,”says Ms.Dobbins.This quote explains that flavored milk isn’t as bad as everyone thinks it is.

     Second of all,chocolate milk has 3 servings while containing less sugar than coke.In Adding Chocolate to Milk Doen’t take Away it’s 9 Nutrients it proves it when it states,”Drinking low factor fat free white and flavored milk helps kids get the three daily servings.”This means that chocolate milk is healthy and the same but chocolate milk and other flavored milk are healthy in positive ways and bad and unhealthy in negative ways,also.

      Third, a total of 27 grams total carbonhydratesand a combination of vitamins A,vitamin D,protein,and calcium are all in chocolate milk. 

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