Chocolate milk is bad!!!

“Whah Whah” I hear someone crying.” I got obesity.” I heard someone say. I went up to her and told her what is wrong? She said she drank to much chocolate milk at school and got obesity. Schools should not serve chocolate milk because it causes obesity, kids drink approximately two gallons of sugar, and it has a high sugar content.

One reason it can cause obesity. For example Julie Boric  states that chocolate milk has been unfairly pegged which cause obesity. Also many school nutrition association say that flavor milk outweights the harm of added sugar. “The nations childhood obesity epemedic has a growing number of people wondering whether that’s wise.” 

Another reason, they are drinking two gallons of sugar. Jamie Oliver stated that they are drinking to much milk. “They’re getting nearly two gallons of extra sugar each year. Chocolate milk has approximately 20% more sugar than added.

Another reason it has a high sugar content. Chocolate milk has a high      

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