Get rid of CHOCOLATE MILK!!!!!!!! By Minh Nguyen

Ever wonder why your kids have a bad diet? It’s because of chocolate milk! Chocolate milk may be delicious, but it is bad for you. That is why we as a community should stop serving chocolate milk.

First, kids will be addicted to the beverage. 1 sip of chocolate milk can have them wanting more. They will beg, plead or whine for more chocolate milk. They’ll keep you up until you give them one. Even if you’re in jail! So whatever you do, get ear plugs.

Next, their diet will be at risk. Kids have gained weight and may have a lot of sugar in their system. People say it’s healthy. Sure it has vitamins, buts it is a lie! Companies that makes chocolate milk don’t care about America’s health. All they care is money and themselves.

Finally, they will be hyper! they be like adults drinking 20 cups of coffee and have a sugar rush.they won’t stop drinking until chocolate milk doesn’t exists on this planet! They’ll be like Sonic the hedgehog running for chocolate milk.

If you see someone drink this beverage switch it to a better drink for the day.

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