Chocolate Milk In schools(Ifeanyi Nwoke)

                                                                                                                                                                                                                      Imagine Drinking chocolate milk with vitamins and less sugar. A drink that is good and healthy for kids. Chocolate milk gives you your 3 daily servings, it meets your nutrient needs, and has lots of vitamins.We should keep chocolate milk in school in schools for several reasons.

One reason we should serve milk is that it gives your 3 daily servings that you need. For example it has 3 teaspoons of sugar, which is less than coke Also it has 9 essential nutrients as white milk. In addition to people love drinking flavored milk.

My second reason is that it meets our nutrient needs. For example in the text it says,”does not consume more added sugar of total fat. Also it is very healthy for you. In addition to it is the top choice in every school.

My third and last reason is that it includes lots of vitamins in chocolate milk. For example it has vitamin A, D, and B12. Also it has calcium,potassium,phosphorus and protein. In addition to it is really healthy and it is a great drink for schools to have in their lunch during school.

Critics may say it has fat, for it has sugar. But it has vitamins and it’s really good. This is why we should still keep it in school. Do you agree with me that we should keep chocolate milk in all the schools.

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