Chocolate Milk Extinction/Ricardo Almazan

          “Glug,glug,glug,people drinking bad milk. “Aaaaa” people getting cancer. OMG!

          I think chocolate milk should not be serve in shool for its amount of sugar.

          One reason chocolate milk should not be serve is that it has a lot of sugar. For example,one tiny carton of chocolate milk contains approximately  30 grams of sugar.”A small container of chocolate milk has approximately 20% more sugar than a bottle of soda.”In addition, when kids drink chocolate milk and strawberry milk they’re getting nearly two gallons of extra sugar each year!

          Also,childrens need plain milk. Plain milk contains calcium,chocolate milk has also calcium but, they don’t have to depend on milk,they could eat green leafy vegetables,nuts,oranges,tofu,broccoli, and much more.

          Lastly,Dairy Companies wants us to buy their products. They do not care about Americans and Mexicans health. They only care about geting money. Acording to a text by Cecilia it states,”To them there’s no point in telling us the truth when they’d lose all that money by doing so.”

          Therefore, some people think chocolate milk is good for you but,it has a lot of sugar so its obvious,take chocolate milk of the menu.

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