Chocolate Milk Essay By Samuel Rodriguez

Imagine yourself in a cafeteria in a school,drinking chocolate milk.Have you ever ask yourself,”What things are in my chocolate milk?”I believe we should keep chocolate milk in our schools for its delicous reasons.

First, chocolate milk has a lot of nutrients.In the article it says”Flavored milk contains the same nine essential nutrients as white milk.”This shows that chocolate milk is the same as plain milk.

Next,chocolate helps children achieve the three daily servings.My evidence is,”Drinking low-fat or fat-free chocolate milk helps kids get the three daily servings.”

Finally,chocolate milk gives the children their nutrient needs.In the article it states,”Children who drink flavored milk meet more of their needs;do not consume more added sugar or total fat.”These shows that children get nutrients with out consuming alot of sugar.

Parents might say chocolate milk has alot of nutrients,helps kids achieve the daily three servings,and children get thier nutrient needs.So should we have chocolate milk?


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