Chocolate Milk by Reggie

Chocolate Milk kids love it because sometimes they meet there nutrients just like white milk ”in the article ” the text states that chocolate milk more sugar  soft drinks like Coke. I think we should serve Chocolate Milk because.

”in the text” kids at school don’t have a problem drinking it as long as they can do good on the school work. Secondly ,kids should be able to drink this because flavored milk because do parent’s know that White Milk is not health either.I  my evidence for this is that just milking the cow could be un save almost just like Chocolate Milk .

Another reason is that people think white milk  is health but it doesn’t have the same vitamins as Chocolate milk does .”in the video ” the mom asked her daughter an her friends to read something about the difference between chocolate milk, Energy drinks and chocolate milk sometimes haves less sugar than the rest .

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