Chocolate Milk by Cindy Garcia

” I love chocolate milk” said a boy at lunch. If schools were to eliminate  chocolate milk from the menu many students would be upset. I think schools should have chocolate milk because it has 9 essential nutrients, kids love it, and it is healthier than soft drinks.

First, chocolate milk has the 9 essential nutrients just like white milk. some people may say that the nutrients are overpowered by all the sugar. While this could be true, chocolate milk still has the same amount of sugar as normal milk. These nutrients include protein, vitamin A, vitamin D, and calcium. For this reason chocolate milk is just as healthy as normal white milk.

Next, chocolate milk is kid’s top choice of milk. Research shows ‘Given a choice, almost any child will choose chocolate milk over white”. If chocolate milk is eliminated most kids would stop drinking milk.

Finally, chocolate milk is actually healthy. In the text it states ” It has less than half the added sugar of cola”. As I read this I realized that milk would be a way better choice than soda or  sports drinks.

In conclusion, you might think that chocolate milk is not healthy for children to drink. But chocolate milk is healthier than the things most kids are drinking.

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