Chocolate Milk Gone BAD!!!

  • For all (In Bowdoin),            By: Henry Tang

“Snatch, Grab, Take, Pull” As all the kids line up violently for one thing…         Chocolate Milk. Chocolate milk is bad and unhealthy for kids, for many reasons.

First, chocolate milk has to much sugar. Even though soda has a lot of sugar researchers found out that chocolate milk has about 20% more sugar than a small can of soda. Famous chef Jamie Oliver put 57 tons of sand to represent the amount of sugar consumed kids in the U.S a week.

Second chocolate milk creates a lot of bad eating habits. over 70% of kids pick chocolate milk over any other milk. Which is a bad eating habit. Yes kids only drink chocolate milk at schools, kids consume to 2 or more chocolate, milk cartons a day. which adds more sugar to the bus.

Last but not least… kids need more discipline on what they eat or drink. Yes i know that chocolate milk has nine healthy essentials, but like I said kids drink to much chocolate milk a day or a week. Also every week that a kid drinks 5 chocolate milk, then they add a pound. which means if the kid drinks chocolate milk he will add 52 more pounds on his original weight.

Chocolate Milk is very unhealthy. And chocolate milk should be banned from school. Finally, chocolate milk should be at home not in schools.

By, Henry Tang

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