Chocolate milk Anthony Barriga

Yummm the chocolate taste taking over your mouth.yeah all the kids saying we want chocolate milk

One reasons  that school give chocolate milk kids love the taste  it has good diet quality than white milk .And another  reasons would be it  has the nutrients that kids need and are not fatter then kids  who drink white milk .And  the kids who drink white milk have more add sugar than kids who drink chocolate milk.

Second reason is chocolate milk help kids achieve  three serving  drink low fat milk  or fat  free  milk.this was recommend by the Americans .kids love to drink chocolate milk so let them drink chocolate milk.

Third reason is chocolate milk  is better than soft drinks  it has the nine  essential nutrients than white milk  chocolate milk is good.

yeah chocolate milk let us kids chose what we want to drink.

2 thoughts on “Chocolate milk Anthony Barriga

  1. I think you need more details. And I think you need quotes to supports your details. But you did great job in everything else your supporting details are really good. But you did a very good job 😀

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