Chocolate Milk BY JOSE V.

I think we should not have chocolate milk because chocolate milk has 30 grams of sugar , because it has high level of cholesterd and saturated fat , because it causes health problems to kids which leads to sickness or death .Kids drink flavored milk more than plain milk .

First reason, kids like the taste of flavored milk . Schools add more sugar to the milk , so that is why it tastes so good. “Chocolate milk is soda (Dressed up )”,stated the self-proclaimed renegade lunch lady .This makes me think that choclate milk pasted the limited of sugar and that is the school’s fault to put unhealth things into the milk .

Second reason ,too much sugar makes kids want to drink it and health promblems .more than a school of kids gets sick in a month .Moms are worried that their children are going to get sick .This makes me feel that parents can’t see the problem with flavored milk.

Finally,milk has high level of cholestered and saturated fat.Flavored milk has some nutrients that are bad for us.This makes me think that nutrients are turning bad in flavored milk.It has vitamin A,D,B12 .They are good if people don’t add more things in flavored milk .Schools shouldn’t have chocolate milk for many reasons .Would you want to stay safe and get no health problem ?See you should not have flavored milk in school.Would you want to get sick for something that is bad for you ?

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