chocolate milk-By Melissa

I think schools shouldn’t serve chocolate milk .Yea, I know what tasts like and i know what you’re got to say, but chocolate tasts great, and I hear its healthy for you. But by the evidence ive seen chocolate milk no long has a good image in my head. I’ve seen that the amounts of sugar in chocolate milk isn’t nesasery and its bad for children.

 I head this thing from the passage/artical “Chocolate milk:more harmful than healthful.” It starts the folllowing ” In fact according to the Coco-Cola company, a mini-can which contains 7.5 fluid ounces of soda, has only 25 grams of sugar.”But in the other artical “Goood nutrients” state that Its good with no evidence, but me personally trust the better artical.Also the fact that chief whatever, he said that “the sugar is going to keeep on coming and it an’t stoping.” This matters because students drink chocolate milk praticlly everyday and from the same company. If you have haerd this wouldnt you when to stop serving chocolate milk.

  Another reasonis the high cholesterol and saturater fat.I know what youre think it cant hold that much fat.Well thats where youre wrong it can and it dose. The worst part is that reseach shows that usually almost always all children in school  students pick chocolate milk over healthy white milk,and the only way kids pick white milk is when eating cereal daring breakfast. And still in the passage/artical,”Sugary drinks:By Mike Ochs.” It states the following, “But in the long term, Cholesterol and saturated fat children drink for as long as a student/child go to a public school. Maybe there close to having one of this diseases also students could get  diabetes.” Or at least close it mostly depence on how lot the child/student has gone to the public school cause that’s where chocolate milk is most served.

  One other reason, is that no one really knows if its healthy or not cause of how many articles  there are on chocolate milk and allot of people like me doesn’t know which to believe in so I’m not voting against chocolate i’m making another choice

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