Choco milk, no good! By:Samantha Peinado

Choco milk is an enemy to our bodies for many reasons. The first reason is, that Choco milk has more sugar than soda, I got textual evidence to support this opinion, “in fact according to the Coca-Cola company, a mini can, which contains 7.5 fluid ounces of soda, has only 25 grams of sugar. Thus, a small container of Choco milk has approximately 20% more sugar than soda.” The Coca-Cola company explains. Choco milk is delicious, but not the right liquid to drink.

Reason two, Choco milk is just like other unhealthy liquids including soda, I have evidence that proves this, ” Choco milk is like soda (dressed up),” stated the self proclaimed renegade a lunch lady. Choco milk is just like soda, yet it isn’t. Soda has less sugar  then Choco milk, that states that Choco milk is the most unhealthy drink!!!

My third reason , is that kids drink two gallons a year! ” when kids drink Choco milk everyday at school, they’re getting nearly two gallons of extra sugar each year.” Two galloons is more than you think, for kids that drink it.

In conclusion

Its obvious that Choco milk is an enemy to our body, make the right choice next  time!!! :))

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