Chocalate milk Mya Galvan

     “Yum yum” says the children in the cafeteria. Those kids adore chocolate milk. But I don’t think other people doesn’t like chocolate milk  just because its not good for you. Well I think that’s were they are wrong, for several reasons. 

                                                   KEEP CHOCALATE MILK IN THE MENU

        First, people say that chocolate MILK so sugary. But in the passage called ” Nutrition in Disguise” it says. ” chocolate milk has 9 essential nutrients”. So basically chocolate milk is healthy for you.

         Next, people also say that they don’t like the flavor. But if you try you can taste the creamy chocolate milk. its like heaven falling into your mouth that’s how good its taste. People just don’t know what’s their missing out on.

         In conclusion, even though people still don’t like chocolate milk. Chocolate milk is the same as white milk. its even helped children get 3 serving of dairy each day. Basically their the same, chocolate and white milk.

         So even though you still think that chocolate milk seems gross to you I think that you’re wrong. Just trust me, I think your going ton like chocolate milk.


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