chocalate milk is bad!!!! BY:llalonie milliner

School should not serve chocolate milk because you don’t wont your kids sick think?                 For example chocolate milk has more sugar then a soft drink in it.                                                          Also flavored milk can contain up to 30 grams of sugar.Flavored milk also can lead to other health problems like diabetes.Another reason school should not srever chocolate milk is that white milk is more nutritious then chocolate milk  has a lot of sugar. “next chocolate milk lead up to size matter or your body matter .”For example cows milk already has some sugar in it .Which one better 30grams of sugar or white milk that ready has 12grams of sugar in it.’some experts go even further itself with or without sugary flavoring is .Sugary drinks can be unhealthy too…..For example some schools have to start taking action they have to start limiting the amount of sugar you don’t wont your kids to have problems in there body’s.Also these experts  say that milk is high in cholesterol and saturated fat.

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