Chocolate milk essay: Angel Delgado/chicago

Dear Mr.G,
uhhh my stomach, my head, I feel dizzy. All of this comes from american scholars in school everyday! I think schools should not serve chocolate milk anymore because of the unhealthy products inside of it.

First of all, chocolate milk has a high amount of sugar. The quote ” chocolate milk contaIns 20% more sugar then soda ” Melissa Dobbins says from a diary. Then why not have soda in schools if chocolate milk is badder then soda? If you drink chocolate milk everyday you guys just added 2 gallons of sugar extra for each year.

secondly, chocolate milk doesn’t contain the nutrient kids need everyday. Such as vitamins and protien to start of the day. Daniell Martin a worker in the dairy says that ” plain milk contains the vitamins kids need.” Instead of chocolate milk kids should be drinking plain milk EVERYDAY. Next, parents also don’t let their kids drink chocolate milk, because the quote ” the only time I drink chocolate milk is when i come to school” says a younger from school. This explains that parents also don’t let them drink chocolate milk.

In conclusion, chocolate milk is very bad for you. That’s why you get higher after lunch and also parents and teachers look at the nutritionist table. Some parents don’t even care. That’s why I think there should not be chocolate milk.

Angel Delgado

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