Carlos Prieto – Bowdoin

Chocolate milk can have up to a whole bus load of sugar! A mini-can of soda has less sugar than a carton of chocolate milk.

    First of all, chocolate milk is a huge carton of sugar!  The number of sugar consumed in one week is enough t sugar to fill up a entire bus!!   Self-pro-claimed renegade lunch lady states” Chocolate milk is soda ” dressed up””.  Another reason is that cows milk originally has  has about 12 grams of sugar.  Dairy companies  add 30 grams more!

Next reason is that chocolate milk is plainly unhealthy.  No one knows whats in the flavored milk! The P.E.T.A states ” Chocolate milk can lead to saturated fats which can cause diabetes”. This means that it is very unhealthy.  No one wants to drink fat! esselstyn states ” Any exes sugar is converted into fat.”. 

    Finally, Chocolate milk should not be sold at schools because it just tastes yucky.  Children will be forced to drink white yucky milk!  If flavored milk was to be taken off.  Today U.S.A states ” suburban Los Angeles seventh-grade Nacole Jhonson states” “plain milk tastes yucky””.When it really does!

    All in all, chocolate milk should not be sold in stores. I do understand it has the 9 nutrients, BUT! It can be more harmful than helpful.


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