We should have choclete milk by fernanda bahena

Dear Mr.G

Imagine saying “yum” of that truly delicous choclety choclete with some good taste cookies.It is choclete milk , yet everybody likes it! Mr.G we should have choclete milk,for it has the nine essentail nutrients you requisite , it is healthy, and you get your three daily servings each day.One reason we should have choclete milk because it is healthy. It is a trio of health.Also students and kids only drink milk,and milk is not just health but other milk is too.For example in the text it says that Mrs.Dobbins the nutrisionist ,” choclete milk provides the nutrients kids need for health.”This quote is important because it has the health students exigency to be vigorous and to be bright also be impertinent everywhere.Another reason is that choclete milk has the nine essentail ingredients and nutrients.The students meet more of their needs because they don’t preoccupy many things.According the text Mrs.Dobbins says,”do not consume more added sugar,fat ,calories,and are heavier than non milk drinkers.”As I see this I relize that we don’t go overweight ,and we can drink more of it.Last reason is that you get your 3 daily servings.When you get your daily servings , yet you are getting dairy.The milks choclete ,strawberry,and white have important nutrients to get your servings.Experts demonstrate such as Mrs.Dobbins,” Choclete milk gives important nutrients including protien,vitamin A and D,and calcium.As you see you don’t go over diet ,and it doesn’t have sugar.In conclusion we should have choclete milk because some say that choclete milk is disgusting,but after all it is delicious . Although it makes us  intoxicated to drink milk.Would you dare to drink choclete milk  with some cookies?Just go home and eat?

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