Against Chocolate Milk BY: Bianca St-Julien Advisory: Bowdoin

I think schools shouldn’t have chocolate milk,for chocolate milk has 30 grams of sugar. This tells me it has way to much sugar in it. 

First of all, chocolate milk has high-fructose corn syrup with versions containing sugar. Chocolate milk contains a sky-high sugar content. In the text it states,” Chocolate milk has a sky-high sugar content.” People say that chocolate milk is good for kids because it’s milk. BUT the sky-high content of sugar is way to much.So this tells me that there is a lot of sugar in it, but kids just don’t taste it.

       Another reason, is because soft drinks have LESS sugar than chocolate milk. According to the text it says,” In fact,according to the Coca-Cola company, a mini-can, which contains 7.5 fluid ounces of soda, has only 25 grams of sugar.” Chocolate milk has more grams of sugar than a can of Coca-Cola. People think chocolate milk is healthy. BUT it is unhealthy knowing that it has more sugar than soda.

      Last but not least, chocolate milk is not good. Experts demonstrate,” New York City Mayor Micheal Bloomberg was among those people who agreed with the ban.” Micheal Bloomberg also agrees that chocolate milk should be banned because it is unhealthy. This is important because an important person agrees with the side of banning chocolate milk.

      Many think that chocolate milk is healthy,but it has way to much sugar. Chocolate milk can give people diabetes and other diseases. NOW IT’S TIME TO GET CHOCOLATE MILK OUT OF THE MENU!

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