Dear Readers, 

         I think we should keep chocolate milk in schools, because chocolate milk isn’t haverior than white milk. Chocolate milk is very tasty and nutritious for us, for chocolate milk provides good health and is less than half the added sugar cola has. In “Nutritious and Disguise” it says, ” Chocolate milk helps kids get the 3 daily servings of dairy recommened by Dietary Guidlines for Americans.” This text shows we are still getting our servings even if were not drinking white milk.

  Once chocolate milk is band from schools we wont be drinking milk as much anymore. Ms. Dobbins friend shows that about 9 teaspoons of added sugar. So, sports drinks and sodas have way to much sugar in them a bottle. This makes me think that there’s no reason for chocolate milk to be band from school, when kids drink sodas and sports drinks every day.

  MS. Dobbins says, ” The fact is, that chocolate milk and other flavored milks have the same 9 esstential nutrients.

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