Say NO to chocolate milk– Azzul

Imagine drinking so much sugar each day.Why should we drink tons of sugar each week when we can have more healthier and  beter drinks that can be good for us instead of causing damage to our own body.

We should not have chocolate milk at schools because it has to much sugar, according to the text “chocolate milk has approxemely 30 grams of sugar” that’s more than a can of soda! So if chocolate milk has to much sugar why are they giving it  students in schools??

Second reason is that plain milk has more vitamins than chocolate milk, according to the text “plain milk also contains vitamins children need such as vitamin D” This supports my claim because it shows that plain milk has the right vitamins children need. People should serve more plain milk because not everyone likes chocolate milk, but plain milk is good for everyone.

Third reason, Although chocolate milk ha”some” vitamins it does not have the right amount that people and kids need. Lots of people drink chocolate milk but do they look at the lable before they buy it or drink it? The answer is NO. Most people don’t even think of reading it before they drink it.

Last reason, Why should we drink chocolate milk that can cause obesity when we can have lots of healthy drinks instead? Acording to the text,” not only can simple sugars contribute to obesity” ” but also to much of it can lead to many health problems such as diabetes”. This supports my claim because not only did it state that it has to much sugar but it also said that it can lead to many health problems.

Some people may say that chocolate milk is good for you and that it has lots of  vitamins, but chocolate milk can lead to too many health problems. So why should we drink something that is bad for us when we can gave many different healthy drinks instead ??

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