Chocolate Milk Jorge

You might think that chocate milk should not be served in shools because choclate milk has a lot of suger.I think that students from strive prep should not serve choclate milk.Evipence suggest cow milk alresdy has some suger in it,about 12 grams of suger.And because simple suger car bohydrotes are diges any excess in converted into fat.Experts demonstrate chocolate milk has long been seen as the sponful of suger that makes the medicine go down,but the nations childhood obesity epidemic a growing momber of people wondering whether thats wise.Eight onces of white milk served in los angeles public schools, contains 14 grames of hatural suger or lactose fat fives chocotate milk has an extua six grams of suger for the total of 20 grames, white fat-free strawberry same a eight ounces of cocacola.Chacolate milk is soda in drog said Ann Capery director of

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