Flavored milk is healthy!!! By :Malka Mejia-Chicago

Dear Mr.G,

   I think schools should not ban chocolate milk.First, chocolate has the nine essensatial nutrients we need.Also,chocolate milk is more appealing and it’s proven that kids that drink chocolate milk are not heavier than non milk drinkers says Ms.Dobbins,a nutritionist for the dairy association.

   Second,kids who drink flavored milk say it tastes better than regular milk.You’ll have to admit that chocolate milk is delicious says Ms.Dobbins.Research says that children who drink flavored milk are healthier.

   Third,kids don’t get sugar or fat.There is also three daily servings.Kids in the lunch line prefer flavored milk than white milk.According to the text,the only time kids drink white milk is when they are eating cereal,oreos,or bread.

   In conclusion,cafeterias shouldn’t ban chocolate milk.According to the information chocolate milk is healthy for you says Ms.Dobbins.People might say that chocolate milk isn’t healthy but there are drinks that have more sugar.For example soda has more sugar and less vitamins. Others might say soda is better than milk.

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