have you ever tasted chocolate milk and said to yourself “this is good” but in reality you are not drinking anything healthy you’re just drinking bad protein it has no good vitamins and according to milk companies 80% of people drink flavored milk everyday and consume more sugar than coke it is said that if you fill a bus load of sugar it represents how much sugar children consume in a single week that’s a lot of sugar for kids in one school lots of school’s have already banned flavored milk its no joke this is really serious especially for children that need the vitamins to grow this is why schools should not serve any flavored milk ever again cause you are hurting yourself with bad vitamins that really you don’t need and wont help you grow the only reason that peolple drink flavored milk is because of its flavor like chocolate strawberry and like vanilla and any other flavors people dont realize how much sugar those kind of milk have it’s incredible that flavored milk has more sugar than soda sport drinks and other drinks it turns children obesse and no good comes out of that no vitamins just sugar and tons of sugar so schools need to stop serving flavored milk for the health of the children if not this country wont be a helthy country with obesse children everywhere because schools did not bannn flavored milk. 

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