Yareli Campos Advisory: University of Colorado

Dear Mamine ,      

Imagine if your in a world with no love or no color.

Write a letter to a friend telling them why or why they shouldn’t be in Jonas’s community .

In Jonas’s world there is no love .The quote i choose was,”Two children , one male , one female to each family unit. ” This quote shows no love because they choose how many children you have and who you marry .

In Jonas’s community there is no colors the only colors are grey,white,black.  The quote I choose was, “Then today just now outside it happened with my friend Fiona. She herself didn’t change something about her changed for a second her hair looked different .” I choose this quote because  Jonas is telling The Giver that he thinks he is seeing what The Giver calls “seeing beyond” of what is normal.

Imagine a world with no memories . The quote I choose was,”Jonas what was your dream fragment .”I choose this quote because Jonas’s mom is asking Jonas what a piece of dream he might remember .

In conclusion, I suggest you don’t live in Jonas’s community because the world there there is no mistakes and learn from them on our own.

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