Vanessa Michigan

Dear Jennifer,

       ”Breaking news we have a government shut down,” the telivision announced. Our world should be like Jonas’ world because we will become better people.

         To begin with, we as people won’t make any mistakes.”The commitee of Elders who took the responsibility so seroiusly that there were never even any jokes, made about Assighnments .” The Elders study you for serveral years, so it’s rare there will be any mistakes and in our world they say you learn from yoyur mistakes, but what if you dont’t learn?

        In addition, there won’t be any more judging,raisisum,and bullying. I clearly remember that females under nine have towear hair ribbons, males and females no matter what age have the same style of hair. Even though you all will look the same looks doesn’t mean that you guys are completly the same because you could show who you are by your actions.

         Finally when you get a job at 12 years old you wil be even more responsible. ”Jonas alone and waiting but knows kids are in either volinteer or training hours.”if you own more responsibilty the quicker you will become a master at your assighnment, for you will do even better.  

           Now wouldn’t you want to be matched with someone that will always be by your side and not like other people that have break ups and fighting. You won’t have to worry about somebody breaking into you house, or you feeling like a robery will happen but you will feel safe. A place without slang so wouldn’t that be nice, don’t you think? 



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