Valeria Chacon: Michigan

      Imagine a world where there  is no color or feelings?? In Jonas’ world that’s exactly how it is. You should NOT live in a community like Jonas’ because it is not a free community.

     First, you cannot choose your clothing, job, or even  your spouse. “Two children-one male-one female-to each family unit. It is written very clearly in the rules,”. This explains that you could only have two children (but it can’t be of the same gender). No more than that. And you kind of have to adopt them. Your not allowed to have them on your own.

     Second, you cannot travel or explore. In the text it states, “Lily frowned,” I felt strange. Because their methods were different. They were learning usages that my group hadn’t learned yet, so we felt stupid,”. This explains that Lily went to another community for a “field trip” and the other community had different methods than in Jonas’ community. You weren’t allowed to leave the community unless you were on a “field trip” which is very rare in their community. 

     Finally, Jonas’ world is boring and plane. There is no color, feelings, everything is the same. “I don’t like hair ribbons.I’m glad I only have to  wear them one more year,” Lily said irritably.” This explains that girls are forced to wear hair ribbons until they are nine years old.;)

     In conclusion, this is why you should NOT live in a community like Jonas’. Next time your friend thinks Jonas’ world is so perfect……think again!!

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