Stephanie Ramos Soto University of Michigan

Dear Ashley,

   Imagine that our world changes to become a different world. A place where there’s no color, emotions, or where there’s no choice.  our world should change to be like the givers for several reasons.

  For one reason is that there’s no pain. in the text there’s a quote that quote is,”there’s no war,fear, or pain. this means that in their community there’s no pain war or fear! imagine living in a world like that!

  Another reason is that there’s no judging in their community. a quote from the text is, ”Jonas didn’t like when Lilly mentioned his eyes.” this means that when father brought home Gabriel lilly meansioned that they both have light eyes because in the community mostly evryone had dark eyes but jonas and gabriel had light eyes.

   My last reason why we should change to the givers is that there are no bad choices. A quote in the text is, ” There are no choices.”  

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